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Are you ready to enjoy some quiet evening activities with your children and be able to teach them the joy of writing without all of the fussing and being the bad mom? Then this was made for you!

You know you should be able to pass on the joy of writing, but you can’t seem to be able to get through a writing assignment without a lot of fussing!

Not only can you teach them the joy of writing through journaling, but now you will able to connect with your child at a higher level!

Believe me, I get it!  

This is the only journal kit that gives you two journals, designed at getting to know your children better, while helping them with their writing!

My children used to struggle so very much with this same issue! He hated to write, and I was so STUCK, trying to help him, not to learn to love writing at this point, but it became such a struggle, we were getting daily phone calls from his teacher!


The kickstart to journaling kit!

This is the only journal kit that gives you two journals, designed at getting to know your children better, while helping them with their writing! 

Prepare to go from seeing your child struggling so much with writing to having your child loving to write! Such a blessing! Your kids will definitely agree!


Check out the pages:

30 pages each!

Thought proving questions

Made by moms for moms!

Total Value = 49.99!


I only wish I'd purchased it sooner!

These prompts are soooo good! My daughter loves the unicorns! We have been making it a habit to use the journals every night and it is really paying off!

– Julie

Stop everything and buy now!

“I was having the most difficult time in my relationship with my youngest, this has been so helpful! The journals are very pretty and so very thoughtful!


This kickstart to journaling kit is perfect for you if . . .

It’s time to stop hating writing and finally start learning to love it! 

It’s after dinner time at your house, and everyone in the house is hating the upcoming activity, dreading it.  You can feel the anxiety building up. Now imagine it’s a month after you have found this kickstart to journaling kit.  Your children love to write, and you have found the perfect quiet time activity for everyone to enjoy? What is is this magic?

Kickstart to Journaling Kit!

Hey! I'm Sarah!

Lil bit about me and why you NEED to have this amazing kickstart to journaling kit! 

I live in Georgia with my kids and husband! In the U.S., not in Russia, in case you were wondering.  I think my mouth would have gotten me in way to much trouble there! Lol! I have a big mouth with no filter, at all! It get’s me in trouble all the time!

This journal was very instrumental in teaching my children to enjoy writing! We would sit down every evening watching my very smart boy struggle so hard! Then we started journaling together! It made such a huge difference!


Yes, you get two journals!

Why do we need two journals?

How do I receive my product?.

Because your child needs to see you journaling and loving it!

Your child needs to see you journaling and enjoying, so they want to start to, children love to mimic their parents!

Your product is a digital download! Once you make the purchase, you will be sent a link to your purchase!

Kickstart to journaling kit!

Total Value = $49.99


Act today to claim this limited time price!

Are you ready to finally help your children conquer writing assignments?