Midjourney Masterminds for Children's Printables 101

Midjourney Masterminds for Children's Printables 101

Midjourney Mastermind for Children's Printables 101

Learn How to Make Children Printables Using Midjourney and Chat GPT!

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Learn to make children's clipart, images and other unique items with Midjourney!

You will receive the prompts, beginner guide book, and any items we make during class I will provide a copy of and they will have MRR. I will show how to generate the images, how to use the images in your Printables Businesss, and how to repurpose the images.  There will be three courses, each one will build on the other.  

We will meet Sept 12th, 19th and 26th at 10am eastern.

Once you pay for the course, you will receive zoom links for each session, and the beginners guide. I will send out upcoming videos of how to get into Midjourney so that you are ready to rock and roll when class starts!

I will send out first steps as well.  

You can use coupon code midj50 to save half off!!!

These lives will be Sept 12th at 10am eastern, Sept 19th at 10am eastern, and Sept 26th at 10am eastern.  Once you sign up for the course, you will receive a link to register for the zoom, if you do not receive it, that's okay, you have signed up for my zooms before. 

Cute Characters for Learning Printables

From the cute chibi girls like these

To these adorable animal characters like these:


To these awesome images that you can use for gorgeous covers and scenes, and many other uses. 

Images for children's planners, children's journals and more

This will consist of 3 one hour mastermind covering midjourney for holiday printable sellers.

What will be covered?

  • We will dive into the how and why Midjourney can help Children printable sellers save time and money!
  • We will show diffferent types of prompts that will help you in your printables business!
  • We will cover the basics prompts to enter for images for your planners and journals, along with clipart,
  • and for coloring pages. 
  • We will provide a pdf of the prompts used, as well, for future reference.  
  • This will be recorded, and replays will be available! 
  • We will cover what to do next, how to import them and use them in Canva to add that Pizzazz To Your Printables!
  • I will do a quick review of how to get in to Midjourney/Discord.
  • How to enter a prompt, and walk you through a list of prompts I have.
  • You will also receive a video before class on how to get into midjourney, this should be out next week.
  • You will also receive the MRR of anything we make in class that day. I will make the printables that we walk through!

Keep in mind prompts call always turn out different!

Once you sign up, you will receive a zoom link - in your amember dashboard, to register for those days.

There will be recordings available!

These lives will be Sep 12th, Sept 19th, and Sep 26th at 10am eastern!

Once you make the purchase, a link will be in your amember dashboard to register for the zoom. 


Disclaimers: Midjourney is not free anymore, the lowest price is $10 a month. Also, AI is changing all the time, things may change from the pdf slightly, however, it should still be basically correct.

No refunds are available since these are digital items. If you have any issues, please contact [email protected].

The pdf and recording is for personal use and may not be reproduced or shared. If you need a copy that can be shared, for one off reasons, or business groups, please email me at [email protected]. Everything is copyrighted by Mom's Digital Boutique, and Marcy Patterson. 

The video and the pdf are for personal use only. 

No refunds will be available, due to the nature of the item. 

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