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Alessandro Coloring Books Prompts EMPIRE! 

Bonuses explained

Alessandro’s Coloring Book Prompts Empire levels explained and you can buy it here!

Alessandro is offering a combination of 850 prompts to create coloring books for children and for adults!

You can get the right prompts to create wonderful black and white images in a lot of categories!

I have some great bonuses available!!!!

 His first item is the amazing 850 prompts! I have seen these prompts myself and they look wonderful and turn out great!

Check it out here!

For my first level, you will get the beginners guide for Midjourney, and if you already have that, you can swap it out for any of my bonuses on the bonus page here

Note: If you have any of these bonuses, you can swap them out!

midjourney for beginners<br />

For his second level, OTO1 you get a huge collection of 2,450 prompts for children and adults coloring books! Wow! And, my bonus here is my robot coloring bonus a set of 15 and my set of halloween coloring book kitties!


His Coloring book prompts are totally amazing!!! There are so many different ways to use these prompts!!

  1. Make a coloring book pack and upload it to kdp, or Etsy, or Teachers Pay Teachers
  2. Make a childrens activity pack and sell it on your own website.
  3. You can even get more creative and host a challenge with all of these prompts!!!!

For the next level, OTO2 bonus, you will get a live zoom with me, showing how to not only make a coloring pack with them, but how to repurpose them.


This zoom will be a 90 min zoom held Monday, Aug 21st at 2:30PM!


For his last upsell, the OTO level 3

You will receive 2 trainings, prerecorded on how to upload a coloring book to teachers pay teachers and KDP!

Coloring book prompts
I have not uploaded these to warrior plus yet, but working on it! Please email me at [email protected]!