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Hey there, I´m Marcy

I am the owner of 2 published blogs being and I say published because I own a lot of urls that are not published. I come up with a great idea of a url, and I buy it. One fun fact about me is I own a lot of urls and shoes – mainly Keds, lol. They are comfy and a little on the cheaper side of things – kind of like me, lol.  I may not be frugal on all things, like shoes, but they aren’t 100 pair of shoes either!

Do you own things that would make others scratch their heads and go huh? Why.  Another fun fact about me is that I don’t give a shit about it making someone go huh and ask why.  It’s just me! I’m a no fluff kind of girl(woman) without a filter.

I was the kid who was different, the kind who stood out in a crowd for not always following the ‘in’ things. Over the years, I realized that it’s okay to be unpopular. In fact, it’s more than okay – it’s pretty fantastic! So, I started this blog to spread this message and encourage kids everywhere to embrace their uniqueness.

Why the focus on the ‘unpopular’? Well, we live in a world that often glorifies popularity and fitting in. But I believe that it’s our unique qualities that make us truly special. Every child should know that being different doesn’t mean being less, and being ‘unpopular’ can be the coolest thing in the world!

In my quest to help kids embrace their individuality, I discovered a pressing issue that couldn’t be ignored – bullying. It was heartbreaking to learn about the countless children who suffer from bullying due to their differences. This was when I decided to take a stand and join the fight against this pervasive issue.

Which is the why behind the name People kept asking me how the name of the came about. So, I wrote a blog post about it, and you can read that here! I will go ahead and give you the gist of it though here, since it is my about me page.  I had been talking a lot about starting a blog. A lot of talk, and a little doing. I had also been talking about starting a YouTube channel. I finally launched my YouTube channel the same week we moved(March 2020) I finally had the courage, went into the bathroom one night, because it was quiet, and had very good sound quality, lol.  Opened up my video recording app on my iPhone 7, I think it was, and recorded, then launched it!

Through my blog, I aim to connect moms and kids and foster an open line of communication.

One of the most powerful tools I’ve discovered in this endeavor is journaling. It’s incredible how much understanding and empathy can be fostered through shared words on a page.

I create and share journal prompts and exercises that parents and children can use to understand each other better and grow closer. My hope is that this open dialogue will not only bring families closer but also equip children with the emotional intelligence and resilience needed to combat bullying.

Along the way, I’ve ventured into product creation and found a love for creating unique planners and calendars. With a firm belief in the power of planning and organization, I’ve combined my creativity and practicality to craft planners that inspire and encourage.

The journey has been a mix of trials, triumphs, learning, and growth. I’m still exploring, still learning, and most importantly, still fighting to create a world where every child feels loved, appreciated, and strong in their own unique way.

As I started researching blogging. I did more research and thanks to facebook marketing, more than likely, I came across Suzi Whitford from Start a Mom Blog.

In one of Suzi’s Start a Mom Blog videos, she starts talking about naming your blog. I had no clue what to name my blog. She says talk about what you know.  Well, I knew about being unpopular, lol. Since I have no filter, and am always speaking my mind, I am usually the odd one out and therefore, unpopular! I got to thinking about that, and I know my son, like a lot of other kids, had issues with being picked on and being unpopular.

I know a lot of kids have so many major issues with being unpopular, and this can help to increase anxiety and depression. I decided that journaling can help bring kids closer to their parents and be a safe place for them to learn to express themselves! It can also be a nice quiet time activity for moms and kids alike. I even made a small journal pack to help this, it’s also free! Check it out here!

Join me in this journey as I continue to create, inspire, and advocate for all the ‘unpopular’ kids out there who are, in truth, the real stars of our world.

Let’s embrace the beauty of being unique. Let’s embrace being unpopular!

A few of my favorite things

Favorite Country: United States
FavorIte color: RED