Hey here, I´m Marcy



I am the owner of 2 published blogs being theunpopularmom.com and myplrtoolkit.com. I say published because I own a lot of urls that are not published. I come up with a great idea of a url, and I buy it. One fun fact about me is I own a lot of urls and shoes – mainly Keds, lol. They are comfy and a little on the cheaper side of things – kind of like me, lol.  I may not be frugal on all things, like shoes, but they aren’t 100 pair of shoes either!

Do you own things that would make others scratch their heads and go huh? Why.  Another fun fact about me is that I don’t give a shit about it making someone go huh and ask why.  It’s just me! I’m a no fluff kind of girl(woman) without a filter.

Which is the why behind the name theunpopularmom.com. People kept asking me how the name of the unpopularmom.com came about. So, I wrote a blog post about it, and you can read that here! I will go ahead and give you the gist of it though here, since it is my about me page.  I had been talking a lot about starting a blog. A lot of talk, and a little doing. I had also been talking about starting a YouTube channel. I finally launched my YouTube channel the same week we moved(March 2020) I finally had the courage, went into the bathroom one night, because it was quiet, and had very good sound quality, lol.  Opened up my video recording app on my iPhone 7, I think it was, and recorded, then launched it! 

Then, I heard that one of the best things you can do for your YouTube channel was to make a lead magnet. Excuse me, what the heck is a lead magnet, I had asked back then. My latest example of a lead magnet is this very popular free fall gratitude journal. 

As I started researching lead magnets, someone said you need to have a blog to have a lead magnet(which isn’t true, lol). I did more research and thanks to facebook marketing, more than likely, I came across Suzi Whitford from Start a Mom Blog.

In one of Suzi’s Start a Mom Blog videos, she starts talking about naming your blog. I had no clue what to name my blog. She says talk about what you know.  Well, I knew about being unpopular, lol. Since I have no filter, and am always speaking my mind, I am usually the odd one out and therefore, unpopular! I got to thinking about that, and I know my son, like a lot of other kids, had issues with being picked on and being unpopular.

I know a lot of kids have so many major issues with being unpopular, and this can help to increase anxiety and depression. I decided that journaling can help bring kids closer to their parents and be a safe place for them to learn to express themselves! It can also be a nice quiet time activity for moms and kids alike. I even made a small journal pack to help this, it’s also free! Check it out here! 

A few of my favorite things

Favorite Country: United States

FavorIte color: RED