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What is an alicorn?

An alicorn is a mythical creature that combines the features of both a unicorn and a Pegasus. It is often depicted as a winged unicorn, possessing the graceful appearance and horn of a unicorn, along with the majestic wings of a Pegasus. The term “alicorn” is derived from the Latin word “alicorno,” which means “unicorn.”

In folklore and fantasy literature, alicorns are revered as symbols of purity, magic, and power. They are often associated with themes of enchantment, harmony, and mythical realms. Alicorns are believed to possess extraordinary abilities and are considered to be among the most powerful and divine creatures in fictional worlds.

alicorns coloring pages

Alicorns make for a wonderfully fun afternoon for kids! You can get this adorable set of PLR Alicorns here!

Becky Beach brings you her Amazing Alicorns Coloring Pack! You can see them here! Becky Beach is the owner of these Alicorns and has a few websites that help moms make money at home! You can check out her printables here! She has two websites being and


Becky brings you a completely done for you coloring page solution to help boost your profits in the children’s coloring book niche!


You will receive the following:

  • 30 Black and White Images
  • Includes Commercial License
  • Png and Svg files includes
  • 8.5×11 coloring page size
  • 300 dpi for high-quality printing
  • unlimited use
  • use for coloring books or pod
  • Alicorns have a low competition and high search volume on Etsy!
  • They are selling like hotcakes on KDP

I do have some wonderful bonuses for the use of my affiliate link here!

If you purchase using my link, for the front end offer, you can receive either my unicorn and princess color by number plr, or a bonus from my bonus page, if you use my link.

unicorn color by number

If you take the first upgrade, being her Amazing Alicorns Coloring Pack, Bronse level, which includes 30 black and white backgrounds with and without the alicorns! (Unicorns with wings)


For this level, if you use my link, I will give you an additional bonus, from my bonus page here, plus a $17 coupon code to my PLR store! Her next level is her silver level!

Her Silver level includes:

  • 30 colored images
  • 30 colored stickers with sticker sheets
  • includes commercial license
  • png and svg files included
  • 8.5 11 coloring page size
  • 300 dpi for high quality printing
  • unlimited use
  • use for coloring books or pod! 
unicorn sticker sheet
alicorn colored images theunpopularmom

For this Upgrade level, you will receive, my never seen before bonus of 20 Unicorn Dolls that I made on Midjourney!

unicorn plr dolls

You will receive a 20-image set, both in Canva, and PowerPoint and a set of 20 pngs! These never seen before unicorn dolls with Master Resell Rights! These were made in Midjourney! I have been loving my journey into Midjourney! To collect these bonuses, make sure to forward me your receipt to [email protected]! Imagine thrilling a child that receives a children’s book that you made with these characters! 

You can use these in many different ways. Add them to your children’s printables! Add them to back to school planners! Add them to a blank lined journal and jazz it up for a child!

They do come with Master Resell Rights, so you can use them how you want!

The next level is the 30 colored backgrounds with and without the alicorns (unicorns with the wings).

For those of you that get this level, I will host a 30 minute mastermind of Midjourney! Forward me the receipt and I will get the zoom date set and email you the link.  Email [email protected]. You must use my link here to qualify for the zoom.  We will also go into details of how to use all of the levels and the bonuses!