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 Free Travel Game Printables

Hey there, fellow PLR pals! Are you ready to inject some serious fun into your printables business?

Well, hold onto your hats because we’ve got something super special to share with you—the Airport Adventure Pack! 🛫✨


Whether it’s playing I Spy Games, Alphabet Hunt Games, or other games to keep the kido’s occupied during a long gate change, or just getting to the gates early, parents that travel with their kids are already searching both google and Etsy for these fun printables! 

You can easily expand your product lineup with this colorful printable!


Picture this: Your customers scrolling through your offerings, eyes wide with excitement as they stumble upon our Airport Adventure Pack. With its mix of games, coloring pages, and puzzles, it’s like stumbling upon a treasure trove of joy! Add these goodies to your arsenal, and watch as your customers clamor for more.

Here are some ideas for making other travel printables with your freebie!

Here are five printable products you could create using the Airport Adventure Pack:

Travel-themed Activity Booklet: Compile the activities from the Airport Adventure Pack into a comprehensive activity booklet. This booklet could include a mix of coloring pages, puzzles, games, and mazes, all centered around the theme of travel and airports. Add some fun facts about different destinations or modes of transportation to make it educational as well as entertaining.

Airport Waiting Game Kit: Create a set of printable cards or mini-games specifically designed to keep kids entertained during airport waits. These could include a printable version of Tic Tac Toe, a mini scavenger hunt, a spot-the-difference game featuring airport scenes, and other quick, easy-to-play games. Package them together in a themed envelope or folder for easy transportation.

Customizable Travel Journal: Design printable templates for a travel journal that kids can fill out during their trips. Include pages for recording flight details, jotting down memories of each destination, drawing pictures of what they see out the airplane window, and even space for sticking in ticket stubs or postcards. Make it customizable so that kids can add their own touches and personalize their journals.

Airport Bingo Cards: Create a set of printable bingo cards featuring common sights and experiences found in airports. Kids can mark off items like “pilot,” “luggage cart,” “boarding gate,” and “security checkpoint” as they spot them during their travels. Make it even more engaging by adding colorful illustrations and fun facts about each item.

Travel-themed Coloring Pages and Placemats: Develop a collection of printable coloring pages featuring scenes from airports, airplanes, and travel destinations around the world. You could also design printable placemats with airport-themed designs that kids can color in and use during meal times at home or on the go. These could include airport maps, airplane doodles, and fun travel quotes to inspire young adventurers.

These printable products offer a variety of ways to engage kids during travel and provide valuable resources for parents looking to make their journeys more enjoyable and educational.

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