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Printable Halloween Gift Tags


These cute Halloween gift tags are sure to be a hit at your next party! Not only will you receive 11 pages of printable Halloween gift tags, you will also receive them in both the Canva Template sets and the PowerPoint file. You will receive the full commercial use rights (PLR) to them! 

Halloween Gift Tags are all the Rage on Etsy!

With Halloween being just around the corner, buyers are searching for these adorable Halloween Gift Tags! You can get a jump on your Q4 sales and grab them here! If you are niching down to Halloween Gift Tags for Kids, the competition drops way down, giving you a better chance to rank when someone searches for Etsy for Halloween Gift Tags, or even better printable Halloween gift tags. Give your customers what they are already searching for! It makes them happy and your wallet happy to!




halloween gift tags theunpopularmom



There are a few ways you can get these gift tags, more on that later, but here’s how you can make money with the Halloween Gift Tags!

Halloween Gift Tags are great to sell on Etsy for several reasons!

  1. They are showing up in search already!
  2. Your customers need them. Parents need them, and teachers need them! Mompreneurs need them for their home-based businesses to!
  3. You can save your customers time and money, along with providing wonderful value to them. These are editable Canva templates, allowing you to  make changes. You can even change it out to a sweet pink set of Halloween Gift Tags.


How to use these Halloween Gift Tags

Our printable Halloween Gift Tags are available in both Canva Templates and PowerPoint Templates. You will receive a pdf with links to both.

  1. You can add your branding, ie name of shop, business logo, and change your colors and fonts. You can take the canva template, download it as a pdf, and list it in your store immediately. 
  2. You can sell these in your own Etsy store, shopify store, or on your website!
  3. Our terms of service are very easy, you just cannot pass along the PLR rights to anyone, cannot list in a membership site, or add my name or shop name to them. Other than that you can use these Halloween Gift Tags as you please.

You can either get these as an affiliate bonus, buy them in my PLR store, or get a smaller set as a free printable Halloween gift tags!


Ready to get started? Click the button below to see how to get this as an affiliate bonus!

What is PLR?
PLR stands for Private Label Rights. When you purchase PLR content, you have the right to use it in any way you see fit. That means you can modify, publish, and sell it as your own. PLR content is a great way to quickly and easily create new products, blog posts, or social media.

As a PLR seller, you can make money with these free coloring pages in several ways:

  1. Use them as a lead magnet – Offer the printable Halloween gift tags as a free gift to entice people to sign up for your email list. Once they’re on your list, you can market your other products to them.
  2. Bundle them with other products – Bundle the Halloween Gift Tags with other PLR products and sell them as a package deal. This will increase the value of the package and make it more attractive to buyers.
  3. Offer them as a bonus – Offer the printable Halloween gift tags as a bonus to people who purchase your other products. This will make your products more attractive and increase the chances of making a sale.
  4. Create and sell physical Halloween gift tags – Use the coloring pages to create a physical coloring book that you can sell on Amazon or other online marketplaces. You can even change them out as Happy Halloween Tags.
  5. Sell digital copies of the coloring pages – Sell digital copies of the halloween tags on your website or on a marketplace like Etsy.

The possibilities are endless! Download our Halloween Gift Tags today!


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