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I have been getting a few questions between the two memberships, the first being Printables Business Academy, and the second being Creative Printables Club, which is the midjourney club. Originally it was the Creative Printables Masterminds Club, which seemed to be a bit long.

My first membership is the Printables Business Academy.

This membership, known fondly as PBA was started the week of March 3rd. It’s focus is to help you grow your business without hitting all of the road blocks in it it like I did, in the beginning.  This membership started because people kept coming and asking me my secrets to succeeding in an saturated niche, as quickly as I am!

It is an evolving membership, dependant upon the members and their feedback, which, luckily I do receive a lot of.

It takes time to develop this kind of membership, and I have to develop my members to, as I cannot just throw all of my facts out there, and say go do it.

So that is why it is developing as it has.

In the basis of the memberships, I provide at least 2-3 MRR’s to my members, each month, along with a repurposing video, a personal development workbook, and at least one zoom a month, focused in on the feedback I receive from my members.

printables business academy

The Second Membership, the Creative Printables Club, was started because of my love of Midjourney!

It’s official name is Creative Printables Mastermind Club.

Along time ago, Becky Beach told me I should start Marcy’s Creative Masterminds Club, I felt like that was to long, and my name shouldn’t be in the url, so I bought the url Creative Printables Masterminds, and  working on developing that url.

creative printables masterminds
With this membership, it focuses on using midjourney and chat gpt in your business.

Creative Midjourney Masterminds Club

aka Creative Printables Club

A monthly workshop offering 30 prompts, and how to use them in your printables business, and you receive MRR rights to what we create during the mastermind!!!

A monthly membership designed to help you further your printables business with Midjourney!

Make your own graphics, coloring pages and clipart!

Each month, you will receive the following:

– A set of 30 midjourney prompts for your printables business,

– A monthly zoom call showing you how you can use these in your printables business,

– And I will provide an MRR set of what we make in class that we make that day.

As it gets closer to the launch date, you will receive a zoom signup for, beginning steps to take, a facebook group will be created.

This will start approximately Sept 17th, expected dates/times are Sundays at 2pm est, this could change, however. 

This is one of the cool images I made in midjourney one day! I like to combine play into my printables business, as I see Midjourney as playing!

I truly could spend all day in Midjourney!

midjourney or pba


Will they overlap?

No.. I had sent out a survey to members in PBA, they wanted to learn more about their printables business and not midjourney.

I feel strongly that Midjourney can help someone’s printables business, if they know how to use it.

What is the main difference in the two?

PBA is designed to help you succeed in your printables business without going through all of the mistakes I did in the beginning, like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks! I also add tools in each month to help this process.

Creative Printables Club is the Midjourney club. I want to help printables sellers use Midjourney in their business, along with showing how one can use chat gpt to help repurpose the content in their printables business.

Will the masterminds such as the Midjourney for holiday printables be included in either membership?

No. The masterminds in and of themselves are seperate and do not build upon each other.

The masterminds all have one focus such as holidays being memorial day, thanksgiving, christmas.

The seasons are summer, fall, winter, spring.

There is also the Midjourney masterminds for Children’s Printables, where I show how to use the images for specific activity packs for the course.

midjourney prompts explained

Great, and when are they?

midjourney prompts

Have further questions?

Feel free to email me at [email protected]

You can get more info on the masterminds and the club here!