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Journaling can provide so many benefits for not only adults, but teens and even children just learning to write! Parents can start with young children, as an amazing evening, quiet-time activity, as mom journals, or just does a full brain dump or storm planning for the next day or week!


Kids Get to Express Their Feelings in a Safe Environment


Journaling provides a safe, private, non-judgmental space for kids to write about anything they want, including what they are thinking or feeling. It is important that as a parent, you allow your children’s journals to remain private and only for their eyes, unless they ask otherwise.


While your kids probably feel safe talking to you about certain things, they also need a place that is all theirs. Where they know they won’t have a voice on the other end commenting on it. Kids can really flourish just being given a journal that is private, that you promise to never read unless they ask you to. You will be amazed by how much less stressed your kids become.

It can improve their writing and reading skills!

The more you and your kids read and write together, the more their skills will improve. They will even be able to write a lot quicker at school! The brain is a muscle, and it remembers what you have taught it to! Some kids will rarely right outside of school projects, so this will help to develop the love of writing!

 Journaling will give them a daily practice time where they can improve their writing skills, but in a way that ends up being totally enjoying for them! They answer fun questions like what their favorite pet is, or how would they plan a family vacation! 




How Kids and Teens Can Start Journaling

Once you understand the benefits of journaling, it’s time to figure out how to actually introduce it as a fun evening activity, and not just a learning activity! Luckily, this is the easy part, and here are some simple ways to get your kids and teens to start writing in a journal.

Get Them Supplies They LOVE to Use

Such as stickers, pretty journals and pretty journaling pens!

If you have a very young child, check out this very pretty unicorn journal I made and listed on Amazon!

If you have an older preteen or teen that loves a cute hedgehog journal, check this one out I made! Or if they are into K-pop, I made this one!

Also, for the younger kids, lots of art supplies, pens that are easy and fun to grasp, and a bigger space for writing is going to make it a little easier for them to want to join in on the fun!

One of my friend’s sweet daughter asked me if I had any more journals for her, lol, I’m like well you have all of mine.  She came up closer in almost a whisper and said I would like a rainbow one!

What do you do when a little one asks you to make a rainbow journal? You make a rainbow journal, lol!

What do you think of the journal I made for her?

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