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Welcome to the Super Bonus Trainings Page!

On this page, you can choose what bonus you want for the product that you have bought with my affiliate link in the email!

For example, let’s say I send out an email that shows you products offered from another seller. If you buy an item from that email, just forward me the receipt and which item you would like and I can email the item to you! If you want to promote my items, you can do that from this link here.


Also, just to clarify, I do not give a bonus for my own items! The bonuses are for affiliate purchases only



Bonuses will be added every month, if not sooner, potentially about two a month is what I have planned!


New Rule


All bonuses must be claimed by the end of that month.

Stockpiling bonuses will be null in void! 


  • You must make the purchase from a regular browser, and not a private one.
  • Some cell phones, such as iPhones, do not track cookies, and cookies are how the links get tracked back to me.
  • It must be a verifiable bonus.
  • You may not use your own affiliate link.
  • Do not stockpile bonuses,


For example: if you qualify for a bonus  item, when you make a purchase using a link of mine, you must send in that receipt by the end of that month.

Hence I also stipulate the word qualify for every time I mention the word bonus.

As the owner of this site, I make the final say-so if you do indeed qualify for the bonus.

It must be a verifiable bonus.  It must be submitted by the end of the month, you may not use your own affiliate link.

If something smells fishy, I will make a judgement call. I have no problem asking or telling you what and if it does!

I will be adding a training bonus page to.

Some may so only for a particular item, so please read all of the details.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] and I will be glad to answer them for you.



If you purchase a product, and buy the upsells, you can choose an additional bonus for each upsell you have purchased.

For example, if you buy the front offer, and buy 3 upsells, then that is a total of 4!

On this page, you will find PLR products, and upcoming training videos that I will be making!

What will you find here? Free printables! Journals and planners.

For any upcoming requests, please email me at [email protected].

If you have any friends or family members that want a copy, please direct them to!!


To claim your bonus:

Effective May 6th, 2022, buy the product with my affiliate link in my email, then forward me the receipt and/or look at the bonus link section on that PLR seller’s site at the right of the member’s area, for those that offer that upsell, or email me directly at [email protected].

Some bonuses will also have a codeword to enter in the coupon field.  This codeword is only available for items marked Bonus and will not work with any other products on my website, or Warrior Plus.

If the seller is on Warrior Plus, just click on the Affiliate Bonus Link button that you will find located under your Access Purchase button.  Even if you realize way after your purchase, that you have a bonus to claim, simply email me and we will get it added for you.

Just simply find the bonus that you would like on this Bonus Sign-up page, and either purchase it with the code word in the coupon box or forward me the receipt and which bonus you would like, and I can add it for you.

If that PLR seller does not have an affiliate bonus link plugin, you can just email the receipt.

All products will offer PLR rights, unless otherwise specified, or unless it is a training bonus(as those will be for just personal use rights.

If you would like the Master Resell Rights, please email me at [email protected].  (As I will sell these at a cost, up to a certain number may be sold of some of the items, email me request for the Master Resell Rights, unless they are specified as part of a bonus)

Training Bonuses will be for your personal use only.  Do not share the bonuses.






These are previous workshops!

If chosen as a bonus, you will have access to the previous recordings and the links and MRR I shared in those workshops!

Mega Bonuses

Mega Bonuses maybe Upcoming courses or Previous Recorded Workshops. Please check the details from the get More Info Button directly below the image!

To redeem, email Marcy at [email protected]