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Shortly after I started my blog back in September of 2020, I started my Etsy store, Southern Momma’s World. Honestly, it took a few months before I started seeing any real sales! I would see a sale here then a few days later, a sale there, then it started to very slowly build. Once I started adding more products, I started seeing more and more sales.


Back then, I had no research tools, had never even heard of anyone really validating what does and does not sell! I was just making what I loved to make, being journals, and kept throwing more spahgetti noodles at the wall, and man does that ever make a huge mess!

spahgetti theunpopularmom
Believe it or not, this was my overall stratagy! I’d get up early before going to work at this or that insurance company. Yes, I went through a few of those! I would decide what I was working on the week before, etc, make out a schedule, just start plugging away.

If I didn’t know how to do something, I would google it. Sales were coming in, but barely enough to cover a good spahgetti dinner! Well, of course all this googling sent me down many silly rabbit holes and shiny syndrome stuff.  Hubby kept reminding me, don’t spend money on your internet thing until you make that much money to cover it.  That strategy makes sense, yes, but it was like a story I heard from our tour guide in Jamaica.  Sometimes the families there are so poor, they have to build a house one brick at a time! I definitely understand not spending the money before you make it, to a point, but sometimes, you have to take the plunge of faith and invest in your future! 

Speaking of Faith, all of that googling, led me to Faith of Faith’s Biz Academy! I remember my first conversation with Faith, she was a total blessing in disugise, for real!  I had told her my mission statement of helping moms connect to their kids through journaling, in hopes to help stomp out bullying! She helped me design this adorable journal combo pack! Fast forward to my latest journal, a free morning journal that you can sell on Etsy! 

More on my journal history later, but for now, let’s dive into the top digital downloads for Etsy! I used Erank to help validate this!

top digital downloads for etsy theunpopularmom

We will start at the bottom of the list first, with 21.

Digital download printables! One of my favorite things to make! There are all types of printables!

Have you ever wondered what is a printable?

If you have ever watched a video on top selling items on Etsy, one such thing would be a printable. Children’s printables are very hot sellers! Just like this one here!

The definition is just something that you print out that is helpful to others! It could range from a child’s chore chart, to a scrapbook kit!



free scrapbooking kit theunpopularmom

Up next on the list is adult t-shirt digital downloads! While I don’t make these, I have some friends that do, and will be linking them very soon!

Digital Downloads printable hydrangea’s are next, followed closesly by #17 poster digital downloads, then digital downloads folk art!

If you don’t know what a digital downloads folk art is, you are not alone!

Digital downloads of folk art represent a modern twist on traditional artistic expressions.

These artworks, often created by self-taught or community-based artists, capture the essence of cultural heritage, local traditions, and everyday life. The digital format allows for easy accessibility and distribution, enabling a wider audience to appreciate and incorporate these unique art pieces into their daily lives.

Whether it’s vibrant digital paintings, intricate patterns, or rustic digital illustrations, these downloads offer a convenient way to own and enjoy folk art, bridging the gap between the rich traditions of the past and the technology-driven world of today.

Here’s an example of some of the Etsy shops selling them!

digital downloads folk art<br />
Coming in at #15 is flash sublimation digital downloads. 

Flash sublimation digital downloads represent a cutting-edge fusion of graphic design and textile printing technology.

These digital designs are tailored for sublimation printing, a process where heat transforms ink into gas, allowing it to bond with materials like fabric, creating vibrant, long-lasting prints. Flash sublimation designs often feature vivid, detailed artwork that can range from intricate patterns to bold, graphic prints.

Ideal for customizing apparel, home decor, and accessories, these downloads offer designers and DIY enthusiasts an accessible and versatile way to personalize products.

The digital format makes these designs instantly available, streamlining the creative process and expanding the possibilities for custom sublimation projects.

Just be careful not to use any copyrighted items in your material.  If you have any question on if something is copyrighted, just google it!

Coming in at #14 is poster digital downloads, and then the very popular wall art digital downloads!

I love wall art and even have some listed in my Etsy store! 

Once again, be careful nothing is copyrighted, and most of the time you have to add text or something to an image in order to sell it.

Some stores will make you also contribute it back them, while others say not to mention there names, so just make sure to read the terms and condtions of each place you buy from. 

Next on the list is png digital downloads.

Now this one I love! I have even started making some in midjourney, but I haven’t listed any in my Etsy store.

I have some listed in my PLR store, however. 

Such as these cute cats in cups, I made most recently.

Why do people like cute cats in cups? They are cute!

Digital download cards are up next, such as tarot cards! These are a very hot seller on Etsy!

My friend Gabby makes these pretty plr tarot cards, meaning you can resell them!

gabby tarot cards

Boho art digital downloads is coming in next! Anything boho is still very hot!

Valentine digital downloads followed by cooking digital downloads are incredibly hot!

Coming in at number 10 is actually life insurance digital downloads! Really? Why yes!

life insurance digital downloads
#9 is Hair Stylists Digital Downloads! Everything from logo designs to cute hair stylists clipart, to layered svg files and everything in between!


hair stylists digital downloads

Coming in at #8 is the minimalist traditional digital downlaods, followed by digital art downloads, digital art prints, digital calendar downloads, digital planner downloads, digital downloads wall art

and coming in at number 1 is actually digital downloads!

The more specific you can get with your long tail keywords the better, especially when it comes to ranking and selling on Etsy! More on long tail keywords later! It’s a specific form of a key word. If you take the key word digital planner, for example, this is just a basic key word. Add the word minimalistic to it, and you have your long tail keyword!

The higher your rank, the more sales you should see coming in! More on these topics later!

Do you need help with the basics of starting your Etsy store and listing items?

I made a video just for you!