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When I started working at home, we had a tiny apartment and a little baby! 

I only had room to work in the corner of the living room.

I had a little desk, with a laptop, and two shelves to organize my work!

I had to learn to make the most of my workspace.  It was not always the easiest task! 

me working at home with son

Working from home can be a challenge, especially when you’re living in a small space.

However, with a bit of creativity and smart planning, you can create a functional and comfortable workspace that enhances productivity.

If all you have is the kitchen table, make sure to put your laptop and work away at mealtime! No crumbs on the reports, please!

working from your kitchen table

It is very essential that you create a space that will help to increase your productivity, your focus, and your drive! 

Your success will definitely be influenced by your ability to keep focused on the task at hand. 

Pick a spot that doesn’t have traffic coming through. You want to minimize distractions and noise. Keep your desk free of clutter.

Don’t toss your bills there, leave kids permission slips that needed your signature last week, etc. 

The more organized you are, the more efficient of a home office space you will have. 

Your end goal is to work within your means and space that you have.

If all you have is the corner of the guest room, a corner desk like this is perfect!

4 screens in a tiny area? Yes, please!

me working in guest room


You also want to have an inspiring, aesthetically pleasing area! 

If these ideas are within your budget, pick something that is inspiring and helps your creativity flow.

Floating shelves can help to save space.

It gives you that additional vertical space and gives you more area to personalize your work area!

Build a desk into the nook in a corner of the room.

Little work nooks can be a very productive area!

Do your research, read the reviews, and wait until a big holiday sale, if you can!

Then, you can also add a few extra items to make it look artsy, if that’s more your style.

You can pick an area that has a lot of natural light coming in. Then adding maybe an earthy color palette that helps to balance out the wooden elements.

Then, add in your favorite comfy chair, some pillows, and some plants. 

Add pictures of your kids on the floating shelves!

A cross-leg desk can help save you space too!

Whether it is a hobby, or a full-time work-from-home job that you are designing this space for, you want to make it inviting and inspiring!

Pick a corner of the room, measure the area you have, and start looking for a corner desk, like this one!

Somethings to remember, choose a spot that’s not in a high traffic or noisy area in your apartment or small house.

Give it your personal touch and add plants and pictures, if possible!