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How do you decide what to put in your store? Do you just make it on a whim, or do you do any kind of research, maybe even looking it up on google trends, google even, maybe with the alphabet soup method? Are you familiar with this method? What you do is, if you are searching for say planners, you can extend it and say planners a, planners b, what this is does is help to generate some keywords for google, then you can take that topic, go to google trends at

There are some very easy ways that you may not be aware of. The first is creative fabrica. I love creative fabrica! They have so many different items available for you to download! You get unlimited downloads! There are some really great stores on Creative Fabrica! You can choose from fonts, graphics, patterns for embroidery, coloring books, and even items like this one to help fill your Etsy store!

becky Beach Printable Sellers Bootcamp


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The last tip I have today is to use bundles! The one I am talking about is a huge bundle, full of other creators that came together to provide you the biggest bang for your buck in content. Check it out here!  I do hope that all of these tips help you to fill up your Etsy shop, your Shopify or your online store!! Find out how to list items in your Shopify store here!

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