During my work at home time, I rarely see work at home jobs for military spouses. I wanted to provide a list of remote jobs that can be worked at from just about anywhere! Some are flexible with non structured shifts, and you can choose your hours, or some may require that you work a certain shift. Just make sure to check this out at least during the interview, if it’s not posted on their website. I am not an affiliate of any of these companies, nor do I work for any of them. For any follow ups, please make sure to contact their human resources department.

Before you apply at any job, please make sure to check the list of requirements for any job you apply for. You don’t want to waste your time, or even the companies time, if you don’t have the right equipment. Now skills are a little bit more questionable, and you can definitely discuss that with the interviewer. Some companies may give you time to get the right equipment, some may even send it to you. Some companies may just require that you have a laptop that can be hardwired, a decent internet connection, and a noise cancelling headset. Check out this one here! They are very comfortable!

Let’s jump right into these great work at home jobs! Amazon is hiring, from different customer service jobs to some team lead jobs, they have a different variety to choose from. This link takes you right to their search page, and as usual, I have double checked my sources so you don’t have to keep doing the online job searches that lead you down those rabbit holes that so many others will take you down! I know from falling down those rabbit holes myself!! So many stinking rabbit holes, lol!

Don’t just google these, say Xerox, for example. If you didn’t know what to look for, you could have went to right to a scammy spot advertising over 100,000 jobs to search for. No Thanks! Xerox is hiring for their customer service, sales, and billing positions.

Hilton hotels hire for at home reservations. They may have certain times throughout the year that they hire. They will have certain training shifts, versus certain work shifts.

American Express hires for several different jobs at home, as well. Customer service agents, travel rewards, billing, team leads, etc. They are also hiring for fraud specialist and acquisition specialist.

Apple.com hires for many different positions. From team leads to sales, to apple chat, such as iTunes chat help. They do hire for shifts around the clock, even the midnight shift, in case you need to work while the babies are sleeping!

Now these following jobs will have more flexible hours, where you can pick and choose throughout the day and evening, mixing and matching hours, or sometimes 8 hours straight, if you wish. It may depend upon the client you choose. Working solutions is one of my favorite companies. They were always paying good, with a decent amount of hours to choose from. They had clients such as nine west(the shoe company), there was one that you may take calls to fund prepaid phone cards, and other companies to choose from.

Uhaul hires for their sales and reservations for work at home agents. They have part-time hours that allows you to work flexible hours and work from home anywhere in North America. They hire for their tech help desk, call center agents are at home for their customer service positions for chat, email and phone positions. They do hire for different customer service rep jobs, as well.

Broadpath also hires for their Medicaid Claims Processor position. Claims Processors will be responsible for the accurate and timely entry, review, and resolution of simple to moderate complexity Medicaid claims in accordance with guidelines, procedures, and policies as outlined by our client.

I love to throw in both arise and liveops into a lot of my YouTube videos. I have worked for both companies, and, like most companies have their ups and downs. It does take a little more money to get started with arise. Which, is why I do always preface that with Arise, there are start up costs involved. The first one being that you either have to incorporate, or form an llc, or choose from a list of companies that have already done so, and signup under them. Also, you don’t get paid until after you complete training, and start working, especially with arise. The arise clients usually have a 3 to 5 week training timeframe.

There are some major differences between the two. With LiveOps, you only have to pay for a background check fee, and it can be pretty hefty! In georgia, it was $60, and it’s a non refundable fee, even if you don’t land a position with them, you have to pay it, and there is no guarantee that you may start immediately with them. That actually happened to me once, as that clients training class was delayed. This is a rare occasion, but it can happen. I recorded an in-depth video, outlining the major differences, which you can find it here!

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