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As a new mom, I to know the struggles of trying to save money. Saving money can always be a struggle. That new bundle of joy can also bring in a lot of extra bills, although we wouldn’t trade ours for anything in the world!

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Just a preface here, please check with your doctor on anything such as vitamins, lotions, if you should or even could opt-in for a double room during this time. I’m not a doctor, and not offering any kind of medical advice, so please review your birthing plan with your primary care giver. Also, there may be some affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase from my link, it may give me a small commission, at no additional costs to you.

From the hospital stay up to kindergarten, and beyond, there are several ways one can save money and help to trim down your family expenses, and stop those dollars from growing wings, it’s not a red bull, lol. It’s so easy to do, from your baby’s diapers to medicines to their oh so cute clothes. From thrifty to being frugal, and there is nothing wrong with being frugal. I want to share with you some things that I have learned.

There are some wonderful, free budget expense trackers, and you can find it in this beginner’s guide to saving money in 2020

Even as early on as planning for your hospital stay, here are some ways that most people may not even think about.

Just for an example, say no to the extras, such as the private room, those fees can range from $50 a night in Alabama, up to $500 a night in New York, just like hotel upgrades, they cost a pretty penny, but they are offered, even during the tour of the hospital during your lamaze training. Also, by opting for a two person room, if you want to be thrifty, you can save up to $2000, if you don’t mind sharing during that very special time in your life. (Of course, that would be before Covid-19 hit, so I don’t even think that, at least for now, it’s an option. You can check with the finance department of your hospital for all of your options, however.

Another way that you can save money is do not turn on the tv, or at least ask if there is an extra fee for it. Most people don’t even consider that one.

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Just like a hotel stay to, nothing wrong with asking for samples, even from your doctor, you can ask them for samples of everything from the prenatal vitamins to the lotions for diaper rash. Ouch! Make sure to get their recommendations to, as I am definitely not a doctor and I am not offering medical advice here. If they don’t have samples, ask for coupons, and they usually will have some. On that note to, always ask for generic versions of medications, this can save you a ton of money.

You can also, potentially save money while breast feeding.

Now, once again, I’m not offering medical advice or based on personal opinion, just want to offer a few things one might not consider.

I did see where, in one mom group I am in on facebook, someone mentioned borrowing a breast pump. While, yes you can sterilize and clean it very well, I would rather list on a baby shower registry. I am going to be doing an upcoming blog post for baby shower, and baby shower gifts. I do also have some wonderful, inexpensive gifts listed on my Etsy store.

Other ways new moms can save money is by eating at home. These days, during Covid-19, it can also help to save an average of $200-$300 a month.

We went out on date night the other night, and the last few times we did, no matter where we go, we will spend at least $65-$100, easily. You can do date night at home, get a wonderful bottle of wine. I love Stella Rosa wine. Our niece brought us a bottle during our house warming party/son’s birthday party. You can even order on Instacart, for free these days. They aren’t even charging for at home delivery! I do like Instacart a lot, even better than my once praised Kroger pickup, until we moved, and Kroger started throwing random stuff in my bags. I was not a happy camper about that one, let me tell you what!! I’ll do those complete reviews in upcoming blog posts.





Planning your meals can help you save a lot of money to! I also used to shop a lot at food depot, and I could fill up my pantry and fridge for under $150 for my family of 3. And my guys eat a lot, especially during Quarantine. You can also eat a meatless meal, once or twice a week, to help save money. One less soda at the convenience store will also help to save $10-15 a week. One cup of coffee at home, and not at the infamous Starbucks will helps save $25-30 a week! If you have a Keurig, you can easily, and quickly make these at home. Shopping for your favorite, low carb foods, shakes for breakfast can help save money and time. Especially if you are using the Honey app or Rakuten app in combination with Amazon can really help to save you money.

Another time and money saver is getting the older kids to help with food prep. When kids put their time and effort in to something, even like cooking or just helping in food prep, they are less likely to throw food away. This can also be a food science at home lesson, or math lesson, if your homeschooling during the pandemic, when you also combine it with their help of making the weekly food menus and getting their help in adding up what you are putting in your grocery cart, and teaching them the fine art of couponing.

Couponing in and of itself can definitely help to save you money! The way that online marketing has developed, you no longer have to take a Saturday morning to clip coupons. You can do it in your online app, whether or not it’s the Kroger app, or the Instacart app (insert link), or any other app you use for couponing, even if it’s as simple as search coupons for Children’s place. I loved loved loved Children’s place. When my son outgrew sizes for Carter’s little cute outfits, I cried. Probably literally. I would go in with $100, and come out with so many cute little boy clothes. He has always been one snazzy(can’t think this morning, not enough caffeine yet) dresser. He has always had that BABY SWAG GOING ON!

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pic from pixabay and just for the cuteness overload

Pic inserted for the cuteness overload! Please let me know how you save money at home, leave a comment below. Also, I can feature you on my blog, or if you would like to do a guest post, please reach out to me at [email protected].