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Do you want to start working at home, but you think you can’t because have little or no experience? Most of these jobs you can start with no experience, and some require a minimum amount of experience. I reviewed these jobs in this YouTube video.

Let’s get right in to these top 10 work at home jobs, and I will review, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I will also let you know if I only am familiar with the company, or exact details that I know IS A FACT WITH THEM. Unlike a lot of other YouTube videos and websites I have been looking into, I am not posting just to be posting with click bait only titles! I hate that and I want you to get what you come for here, and treating the info as if I am the reader, as well as the blogger! What do I mean by this. 

If I give a title such as work at home non phone jobs. I am not posting mystery shopping jobs, bc it’s not at home, and I am NOT going to call a gig job such as fiver a passive income job. You will rarely see me use that term, and it’s hardly ever used legitimately and correctly! It’s a huge pet peeve of mine, if you cannot tell! Just to preface, I am not affiliated in any way, shape or form with these companies, I am just giving you the details. 

If you need more details, click the links, go to their career sections, and follow their instructions on applying, and make sure to check the hours, wages, the computer requirements, just to make sure it’s all going to be a good fit for you, before applying, that way your not wasting your time, or theirs! You will also need to see what equipment you need, and what, if any they may provide! These headsets are awesome, and I found them here.

Starting with the job 1 is Southwest Airlines. You do have to be able to train for about 5 weeks at their Atlanta hub. It’s usually an all day training, 5 days a week, about 9-5:30. but this can change to, depending upon when you start, and that will be discussed on the job interview. It starts at a pay rate of $14 an hour, for the first year, and usually will include benefits including some kind of heavily discounted travel benefits, determined by them, at the time of employment.

Moving on to job number 2, is Teleperformance. This position is currently hiring for health insurance agents. I do believe it’s a mix of inbound customer service/sales calls. You must have your health license or life/health license. Their starting pay is at 18.50 an hour, with a potential for more, based upon experience, and plus bonuses. 

This is a most excellence position that landed in my inbox, with a huge thanks to Indeed! It is Monday through Friday, hours are about 9a-11pm. The one and only “downside” is that you must be flexible with your start time, as it is set by the client, although they may offer choices during training. Training is paid for, five weeks of training, at your same payrate, which is in your welcome letter! Training is also at home, and they send equipment! You must have a quiet workspace, and also you will be tied to the phone for your shift minus of course breaks and lunch.

Alorica is currently hiring. Stated pay is starting at $20 an hour. They do hire international locations. Search under the careers link, it will list where they are currently hiring for.

Coming in at #4 is Acceptance Insurance. So far, I can not find the exact link for remote positions. If you find one that’s definite work at home, remote agent, please let me know. No stated pay base leads me to think it MIGHT be commission only. This is the first thing I always confirm. I do know that you will, at some point, need your property and casualty insurance license. A lot of companies will either assist you in getting these, or allow you to do so after being hired. Some companies will reimburse.

Progressive Insurance is hiring for inbound customer service, billing, clams. You will need to either obtain or have your insurance license. Stated beginning pay is about 16-19 an hour, plus bonus! Training starts in July and August. Most schedules will include a weekend day and evening hours after completion of training. They do actually provide a computer!

Arise is always hiring! you do not necessarily need experience for positions listed, depends on the client you choose to work for. They have a lot of clients currently listed, from cable companies to sporting good stores, to amusement parks, and just about everything in between! Pay varies from 9 an hour to 17 hour, depends on the client and your stats. Check out the link for more info. You do not get paid for training. Training does cost different amounts, anywhere from $10 to 60, ballpark area. This is worth it, because you have a lot of flexability after you pass training. Arise is wonderful! Every company has its and ups and downs! Do your research. Check equipment, internet speeds, hours stated for the opportunity to make sure it is a good fit for you! Check out my comparison video of Arise vs Liveops here. is hiring for inbound customer service calls! I have read a few different starting pay from about 12-15 an hour, depending upon exact job title, work history, shifts worked, etc. I’ve never worked there, but if you need a job, they do hire quick, and pay is on time and as stated in your job offer.

Upworks is more of a gig job. You can create a profile, log in, find jobs, projects, and even chat with one of their recruiters so they can find you opportunities to match your set of skills and job goals!

Pearson Vue is hiring for inbound customer service and inbound chat help for people scheduling state licensing exams. PearsonVue does hire internationally!

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This post may have affiliate links which, if you make a purchase, after clicking my link, I might get a very small commission from, at no additional charge to you. All of my opinions are my own, however, and I have not been paid for them. I am not affiliated with the companies listed in this post. This is just my honest opinion, with stated facts