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This guide will cover areas for not just moms, because you don’t buy for just mom’s! You buy for your wife, husband, children, everybody! I’m so excited because this year we have three little girls to shop for! Woohoo! I’m going to start with some top tech gifts and go through gifts for everyone!

  1. Wifi BGlast Range Extender – Internet Service in Every Room

Yes, please! No more dead spots and disconnects in your house.


2. heavy weighted blanket – my son loves these!  I couldn’t get past the heavyness, but he absoloutely adores it.  Sleeps with it almost every night.




This one works great, and there’s not to much reason to spend more, unless you need the king size.  This makes a perfect gift and will help to calm one that has anxiety and adhd symptoms.  It’s like having a big hug from your favorite person.  

This knife sharpener makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the sous chef in the family!



For the dog owner, here is a great keepsake ornament.


This mini drone is fun and wont break the bank! It’s so easy to fly, even I could fly it.  I did start running into things though, so take it outside, says the mom in me, lol!

My husband actually requested this meat thermometer, and it’s his go to one. Yes, he does have more than one!

These adorable little watches are still very popular, and so cute, and so PINK!

Here is another cute lol gift for girls.

This is one I requested, and I love my hot pink mom cup Yetti knock off, but works just as well. It keeps my diet coke very cold, all day, and still fresh.

Warning, order it at least three weeks out, or it sells out quickly!

This GiGi gift is adorable, and mine loves it!

Okay guys, we are not at 39 yet, but I will come back and finish this later, but wanted to hit publish for you to get started, updates coming soon, have fun shopping! fyi, this is an affiliate posts, so if you use my link and order an item, I will get a small commission, at no additional costs to you. Disclaimer! Also, buy at your own risks! If you have any issues with these products, reach back out to the amazon seller, they usually respond quick and Amazon’s 1800 number usually provides awesome customer service, and they are usually hiring for work at home jobs to!