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In the world of planners, there seems to be an endless amount of information and tips. Even just the types of planners doesn’t have just one option. If you’re a little stuck with how to begin, take a look at these different types of planners you can have. It’s all about personalizing your planner, to make it work for you! What types of planner pages do you want to add to your planner?

1. Personal/Daily

The first type is the main type of planner, which is one that is for all daily planning, with emphasis on personal. Many people use their daily planner for everything, including work and other areas of their life, which is definitely encouraged! This keeps you from having too many planners all over the place, causing too much chaos. However, others fill up a work planner very quickly, and need additional room, so that is where the personal planner comes in.

3. Finance and Budget

For people who are working on saving money for something big, trying to save for retirement, or just want better control of their finances, this is a great planner to have. Here are some things you might want to track in a finance and budget planner:

Money coming in and going out
Bills and debt
Regular expenses
Savings for specific goals
General savings
Building your investment portfolio
Setting a budget

5. Work Projects

If you are a project manager or run your own business, you might be in need of a planner just for work and various projects you are managing. This keeps everything organized and in one place, so that you don’t have computer files, notebooks, and journals everywhere that is filled with random notes.

There is also the health planner that you can use just for things like diet, tracking weight loss or inches, fitness routines, and just general health and wellness information.

Just to give a shout out to a well deserve shout out, the images/stickers made in the planner of above, those were all designed by Tanya at At Art Digital, you can find her on Etsy here!

7. Plan because we love to plan! And stickers, and washi tape! Checking things off that list just makes us feel so accomplished! Get, it girl!

In case you didn’t know, you can also find me on Etsy here! Of course, there are free planner pages in my printables hub, that you can sign up for below! Let’s do it! Do it scared, if needed!