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Are you still struggling with the idea of what to get for your mom this year? Don’t want to do chocolate and flowers, or heaven forbid another candle? Here are some gifts that you can buy and/or make for mom that won’t break the bank this year!

Starting at the top of the list, coming in at number 10 is one of the highly requested fuzzy slippers. When I say highly requested, I am not exaggerating. When we asked my mom for a list with some inexpensive items that she would like from my teen son, these were on there. Now a few years ago, I drove to Belk, on lunch hour, during Christmas rush to get these. This year, with Covid, all shopping was done online, and these are the exact slippers he bought her. These are wonderful, they stay on my mom’s feet, do not slip, and she can walk outside without ruining them! Check them out here:

Coming in at #9, Claire Burke Home Spray – several different kinds of fragrances to choose from. It’s the only one I buy. It doesn’t irritate my allergies like the store brand sprays do. It has a light fragrance. My mom likes the original one, and so do most people on Amazon, because it stays sold out, or very low.

At #8, the Nana Cup! What, exactly, PopMom, is a Nana Cup? I chose this one for her. My mom uses it just about every day, and it holds up in the dishwasher very, very well! You might be thinking, I’m not going to give my mom just a cup for mother’s day. What I do, is make a gift basket, choosing what I know are her top favorites.

At #7, a locking diary/ planner – there are several colors to choose from, and it’s a perfect gift for mom, wife, sister, etc! These are an absolute must! Why? Refillable key word for the day, lol! I have one just like it to!

If your wanting to spend a little more, and go up a notch, you can get this wonderful sign for her living room, office, etc. It’s so cute and fashionable this year!

And coming in at #5, we have this oh so adorable paw print necklace, that will work with any dog loving mother/wife/sister for mother’s day, or even her birthday.

Coming in at number 4, is an awesome gift for any woman in your life, a Bath & Body gift set that works for any female, any occasion!

Moving right along to number 3, is an aroma therapy diffuser, along with this awesome set of essential oils as well!

In at #2, is a personalized wall puzzle! Fun, cute, and looks great in just about any room in your house!

Last, but certainly not least is the mom/grandmother/aunt/sister/wife blanket!

We chose the ultra soft sherpa blanket for mom, and you can order it in her favorite color, as well. Pictures of you, or your children! Some of the biggest hits the last few years were the photo blankets that you can upload your favorite pictures, or if you know what pictures are her favorites, you can use those.

It was such a hit with my mom, that we also bought my husband’s mom one! That’s one blanket that they each have their favorite pic of, and the blanket has to be folded in that direction and draped over the sofa. Both of them do just that, no kidding! And if you have any question on it being the favorite gift for both, that year, my mil decided that was one item she had to take to the nursing home with her. Sad story, yes, but today we are talking about their favorite gifts!