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Are you racking your brain trying to come up with some awesome fathers day ideas that won’t break the bank? I have you covered there to! Why, you may ask? Because Mom’s by Dad’s gifts either for their father, their husband, their son who may also you be a father, you get the picture! And, just to include everyone, someone else’s spouse, even if your not the typical “dad”.

Speaking of pictures,lol! Couldn’t resist sharing this adorable picture of Kelsey and her Dad! And since I don’t like fluff, you will not find fluff here! Let’s jump right in!

Coming in at number ten are these awesome scratch off posters that have 100 ideas for bucket list, things to do before you turn 100.

Is your Dad or hubby a sandwich lover? This handy dandy sandwich maker is just for him! Mine loves them so much, I may have to get this for his bundle of gifts!!!

Now what I like to do for just about any special person that I am buying for, is let’s say I have a $100 budget. I like to buy practical items, instead of a $100 item that they may never use! Unless, of course, you might be getting him an air fryer. This air fryer is one that I bought my best friend for her wedding. She doesn’t like to cook, and they used to have a small kitchen, so this was perfect for them!

Coming in at #7, we have this ultra cute and portable air conditioner!

Next up we have this very practical stylish organizer multifunctional double docking station. Even though you might not have two phones, you might have the iWatch, or another tablet that needs charging. And it’s one your child won’t be stealing, or borrowing!

Coming in at #5 is this amazing massager! Every one needs a massager, especially after a hard workout!

Next up we have unique all in one tool. Check this out!

in at #3, is this Blessed Dad tumbler. I love this one!

Who can resist a Daddy shark shirt! Now I have that song stuck in my head!! Just in case you do to, here’s a looped song video!

Coming in at number one is this super adobable bracelet for dad!