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Free Unicorn Journal/planner for you! Why? I like giving my readers something to look forward to, other than just my words of wisdom! I believe it so important for children, and adults to be able to journal their thoughts! Why is that? Journaling helps to relieve stress, and even young children have stress! Is it a learned response? Maybe? However, journaling can also be a learned response, as well. 

Our children watch everything we do! If they see you journaling at night, in the morning, they will also want their journal to! What better than a cute journal, with prompts! Mom and dad can download their journal, and then print off this cute one for your young one!  This one does not have prompts, however, I will be posting one next week with prompts! This one already in the free printables hub with prompts.  

How does one enter the free printables hub? Great question! Just click the button above, and you can get all of these adorable planners, journals, scrapbooking templates and more!