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In case you don’t know, I have a Youtube channel! I had been seeing all of the you can make money on YouTube videos. One of the first videos that started me thinking, I can do that to, was actually Sarah Rae Vargas. She started showing her actual numbers inside of her youtube studio, and she went into detail about how she was able to build her channel and pay off her debt, and she would not only show her Youtube stats, she would show her actual checking accounts! I was simply amazed by this. I started watching her on my lunch break, then in the mornings as I was getting ready for work, in the evening times.


I became borderline obsessed with making money on Youtube. I’m thinking hey, I can do this to. I started talking about it to my husband and son. At first my husband was just like yea, okay, whatever. My son goes, no, you won’t be good at it. Wait, what? From me being the 100 percent total mom supporter of most anything he wants to do, my then 14 year old son told me I would suck at Youtube! Did I decide maybe they were right, maybe I would totally suck at Youtube?

Heck no, that’s not what I do! I go full blast into things, and have been told oh so many times, I jump the gun way to fast. I’m not even sure where that expression came from. I started researching. One bad thing about the internet, it’s going to show you all of these paid services and paid classes on how to Youtube. I’m like, what, really? I came across Think Media first. They wanted $2,000 for some of their course packages. Nope, no way, not this Momma!

I decided I wasn’t going to pay to learn to do YouTube, when there are so many free videos of how to do YouTube. I started searching YouTube. I came across the Content Bug. I love, love, love the content bug. I will do a full review of her channel and blog later, maybe the next blog post. She started going into not only the first physical steps to take to start your channel, which a lot of the how to YouTube videos actually do not cover, and I will include a step by step list, and link it back here, as well as a Youtube video that I do in an upcoming video.

Here are some popular ways to grow to 1000 subscribers without doing the famous sub for sub, or I will subscribe to you, if you subscribe to me. This not only stunts your growth, but you will, eventually see numbers go down because of this! Sometimes in the same day. But, unpopularmom, how do I actually grow my channel?

Post relevant, searchable topic! For example, someone may search for how to blog, or how to start a blog. They are not going to search guess this food or get slapped? I saw that title the other day, and went what? While it might be funny or get views, no one is searching that. However, funny content, if you are truly funny, and not that to silly funny kind can be really good(or should I say, I don’t know, what’s a good word here, funny? Lol! People do love to be entertained! You can live longer to, being happier in life! Another topic for another day!

But Unpopular Mom (or PopMom, as one of my subscribes started calling me) How do I know what is relevant, or searchable? The easiest way, and this works for blogs to, Go to google, and type the words how to. This morning, just now, these are the top searches. Or Pinterest is super relevant for getting inspiration, not to copy.

How to get free robux. What the heck is robux. I don’t know yet, but you can bet I’m going to search it further, lol. How to screenshot. How to vote. Now that’s definitely a hot topic right now. You won’t find politics on my blog. Unless Kanye wins. That’s a whole different point of view here. Why anyone would want that man in charge of a whole country, I don’t know.

Other searches bring up how to make slime. Great topic for home schooling science for your little ones these days. Make a video, do a blog posts. I bet that pinterest pin would be hot! Apparently, I need to learn that skill. Forget blogging, let’s make slime instead! Just kidding!

Let’s dive into Pinterest a little more to! Click the search bar, and if you don’t know about what Pinterest is, check back here for the how to info sheet, and then I am going to be uploading some videos to the freebies area (printables hub) on how to sign up for a business account, and why you need a business account, and what to do next! You can create a general account for now, if you don’t already have one, though, and just search on the top search bar. Once you do, if you scroll over to the far right, it keeps showing you the little boxes for the more general idea, and then you can keep clicking the boxes, like organization, and the diy box comes up. Click on that, and see what I mean. Check back here for that full video and ebook!

I keep seeing sub for sub? DO NOT DO SUB FOR SUB. It’s where you message someone you see on YouTube, and say hey, I will follow you, if you follow me. First off, you usually upset that original Youtuber that went through all of the hard work to put up that video. They can even report you for doing sub for sub, and it completely goes against YouTube’s terms and conditions. It’s a huge waste of time to. Even if they promise on anything that they will never ever unfollow you, or unsubscribe. 

Build a following with consistent information.  They need to know what they can depend on you for.  My main niche is work at home jobs.  I worked at home for over 10 years, and made a good a bit of money doing so!  It’s not impossible

Stay tuned for more how to grow your YouTube channel tips