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Last time I checked, Pop Mom (what one of my YouTube followers calls me) there are only so many hours in a day. You are absolutely correct! 24, always and forever. Unless mother nature decides to give us more, all of a sudden, that wouldn’t be weird at all. I love early morning, before the rest of the world is up!

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First off, why should I become a morning person, Pop Mom? Great question, as I sit here with my choice of caffeine! Since it’s the time that people may start thinking about New Year resolutions, I thought it was a great way to change up the topic a little bit, but still, potentially along the lines of what my goals of writing this blog are. Of course, helping moms be more productive, so it definitely fits right up that ally!

What You Can Accomplish By Waking Up Early

A lot of families around the world begin their day with a mad dash straight from the shower to the car. When children, work and home tasks are all competing for the same time frame, it’s inevitable that some things will either be rushed, or forgotten about altogether. If this is something that you find common in your home, then you should really consider how different things could be with one small adjustment. This article will be exploring what you can accomplish by waking up early.

Activities You Don’t Usually Have Time For

The most obvious answer to what you can accomplish is simply anything that you don’t normally have time for. This can come in many forms, especially with regard to spending time talking to the family and getting their mindsets in line for the day ahead. Morning are a great time for families to calibrate and realign. Studies show that more functional morning habits garner greater focus from all family members.

Morning Exercise

If you’ve been wanting to get into a morning workout routine, then getting up earlier is the perfect way to make sure that you can add that acuity to your weekly regimen. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to spend 20 – 45 minutes working out. Any morning routine can be as short as 5 – 10 minutes, and you’ll still benefit. Just be sure that you do something different each day to break up the repetitiveness. You can walk pets, have short jog, or just do some isometrics to get your heart pumping.

Emotional and Mental Wellness

Writing a journal can do a lot to help you keep centered and keep track of whatever personal progress that you’ve been making. Writing thoughts and feeling down for later review also gives you a completely unbiased, honest view of how you were thinking about things at the time.

Productive Quiet Time

Sometimes there are small tasks that seem to pile up everywhere when you’re in a hurry, but when you get up earlier, you have the tie to focus and complete these tedious tidbits. In the morning, it’s also usually quiet, so you can get some small tasks or side work done while you contemplate your next move for the day.

Cook Real Breakfast

There’s no substitute for a complete breakfast. Eating some nutrient rich foods that you enjoy can help put you in a great mood and give you all that you need to stay alert and effective from sunup to sunset. I don’t mean the sunday morning brunch with your grandparents that leave you feeling so full you can’t walk, or at least making you wish you wore your yoga pants, or sweat pants if your not the yoga pants kind of girl! Whatever you call breakfast, but at least not rushing through breakfast. Maybe blogging through breakfast, like I do, lol!

Beauty and Pampering 

One of the greatest things about having more time to take care of yourself, is that you get to spend time doing proper taking care of your self.

One area that is very important, is skin care. That’s a lot more comforting than tumbling out of bed, rolling your hair into a bun and trying to put on eyeliner while running full speed down a hallway to your car. Moisturizing skin and conditioning your hair does more than make you look and feel good, it can also help protect you from genetic damage caused by sun exposure and pollution.

Keep it Simple and Flexible

At the end of the day, what really matters is how you feel. Ask yourself if you feel good, both mentally and physically. There’s no reason why there have to be an arbitrary number of things that you have to do to make this work for you. If it does help you add more quality to your life than just responding to your life, that’s whats important. You don’t want your life to be rush, rush, rush, for nothing to show for it. It helps to teach your children the benefits of waking up early. Just yesterday, I heard a radio commercial of someone saying that his Dad used to wake him up early every morning, and say Okay son, let’s get dresssed and put our shoes on. The son used to ask why, what are we doing today. The dad would respond back with I’m not sure yet, but God will find something for us, if we show up.