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Work at home recruiters are looking for someone that can handle working alone and as part of a team. This person should also be very confident in their skills. Recruiters are looking for someone who does fit in with their teams, and be coachable and trainable. Some companies will hire those with just a year of customer service skills and/or sales training. Yes, most of these are the same for the in person jobs, but working at home does come with a few more challenges than someone going into the office setting.

What else are work at home recruiters looking for these days? You must have a quiet work space set up.

While your area doesn’t have to be this kind of setup, it does need to have some of the basic things.

It must be free of background noise. Although, during covid times, customers are a little more understanding of the crying babies and barking dogs. However, just because customers may not care, doesn’t mean your team lead or hiring manager won’t. I have known of instances where someone heard a dog bark, and that person was fired. Turned out not to even be her dog, but her neighbors dog!!! Oof!!

Noise cancelling head phones work wonders. This is one that I have used since my days at Teletech!

Something like these will work to! As long as they do block out a lot of noise, and usually a wired set, most companies do not have a set brand that you must buy.

One thing I always suggest on my Youtube channel, is to check out the company requirements before ever even applying for the job. You don’t want to waste your time and the companies time, if you do not have the basic items needed to work at home!