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What is the Konmari cleaning method? The Konmari cleaning method is letting go of those things that do not spark joy. If you are a pack rat, border line hoarder, or have been keeping those size 8 jeans since high school, and your in your twenties or thirties, and keep hoping to lose a few more pounds and I can squeeze into those if I don’t eat for a week, this blog’s for you!

  • Letting go of things that do not matter so you can organize those that do
  • Does it spark joy? Keeping only those items that do spark joy
  • Realizing that “someday” may never come.
  • Treating your possessions as if they have feelings.
  1. The KonMari checklists layout starts with the dates you are going to start cleaning.
  2. Write down your cleaning goals, after you review the konmari method below again, and make sure you have everything you need to just start on that day.
  3. Commit what rooms on what day, announce it to your family, and print out the checklist from here.
  4. Assign one to two rooms a day to each family member.

On the day of cleaning, make sure to have your supplies ready. Meaning Baskets and trash bags, know where you will be taking the clothes and other items. With the KonMari method, you are supposed to clean everything out of the closet first, pile it on your bed or somewhere else, and start going through it asking yourself if it still “sparks joy”. If there is any indication that answer is no, toss it! Don’t second guess yourself.