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The second stimulus is on it’s way! Beginning actually back on december 29th, the IRS launced an online tool that you can track the status of your $600 coronavirus relief check. If you google the tracker, be very careful of all of the scams surrounding any payouts. It is the actual Irs get my payment tool. You can use this link here. If you do use any other link, ya’ll please make sure it goes to

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Once you get there, you just enter in your info. That’s confidential between you and the IRS. I just want you to know, if your like me and don’t have it yet, you can use this link in order to find out where it is, and when it will get to you. It does split between the first and the second one to show you. If you have any disputes about where it went to, please call the IRS.

If you are on the fence on what to do with your money, send me some, just kidding! I have been watching these cash stuffing videos and sinking funds videos. My definition of sinking funds and theirs must be different. I’m almost to literal of a person to be able to call it sinking funds. To me, that just means HELP I AM DROWNING OVER HERE kind of thing, but to those doing it, your putting money aside, whether it be in envelopes, or these plastic seal envelopes you can throw in your planner. Check out these color ones!

If your like I have been, in the past. You might be thinking, but Popmom, I don’t have anything left over. I’m mulling over the idea of an upcoming possible series, and this isn’t exactly the title, but something like how broke ass people, like me, save money? Or something like budget by paycheck method?

What thoughts do you have for better titles?

Seriously though, teachers, on a starting a salary have been able to save over a million dollars! If they can, we can, so let’s do it!